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      Technical surveys

Galvanic current control on board

The Sterling Power meter allows a diagnostic test to detect the hull's protection status from galvanic currents generated by metals and electrical systems on board. The test must be performed in salt water.

Ultrasonic measurement of hull and mast thickness

The Tritex ultrasonic thickness gauge allows you to measure the thickness of the hull, whether in laminate or metal, and also allows the measurement of the thickness of the mast, both in aluminum and in carbon. The differences in measurement detected by the thicknesses analyzed can lead to more in-depth research to highlight any anomalies due to construction defects or traumatic deterioration or simple wear. The measurement is performed on the ground; if tree, however on the ground.

Measurement with digital hygrometer of the humidity present in the hull laminate

The electronic hygrometer allows you to measure the humidity of the hull. The data obtained, in a more complex analysis, can make it clear what the state of the hull is in relation to the possible development of osmosis or simply to plan the timing for any processing. The measurement is carried out with the boat on land for at least 72 hours.

Visual inspection of the rigging

The inspection serves to detect evident anomalies in the rigging, tensioners and spreader terminals; however, it cannot in any way guarantee the duration of the rigging which by convention sees the suggested replacement of 15 years for the spiral and 10 for the rod. The check is carried out with the boat in the water at the mooring.

Engine control with thermal imaging camera

Visual inspection with a Flir thermal imaging camera allows you to identify areas of excessive heat that could be present in the partially clogged engine cooling circuits. The check is carried out with the engine running and brought to cruising speed for a few minutes.

Computer battery check

The Ancel electronic device is able to provide, in addition to the state of charge, the general condition of the battery and an expectation on the overall duration of its life cycle. The test is performed independently on land or in water.

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